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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Investigation- Girard Cemetaries

We are heading out tonight. To 3 cemetaries in Girard to be exact. The 1st one is off blair rd, almost in fairview. Its a small cemetary. Ive been there once geocaching with hubby and its pretty nice. Ive heard some tales about that cemetary. Heres the link - Its pretty interesting.
Next we are going to head down to the girard cemetary. That place is huge and dates back pretty far. Ive also heard some tales about this place as well. Plus when i was younger, i used to walk through it at night by myself on my way home. I used to get creepy feelings going through there. We shall see when we get some proof.
Last cemetery we are going to visit is the Drury Family Cemetery. Came upon this one geocaching as well. Nice little place with alot of history. Hopefully the rain will stay away just for tonight. Lets see, we are looking at Normal SolarX Rays and a Geomagnetic Field Storm. Heres my information on what that means:

Solar Flare activity and Geomagnetic Field activity seems to affect the amount of ghost activity. Research has shown us that during periods of heightened solar flare activity and geomagnetic activity in space, the amount of spirit activity increases.
M class and X class flares are good sources of energy for the spirits to use to manifest. Spirits often tap into normal electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries to get this energy but on days when the air is full of excess energy due to a solar storm or flare, they have a surplus of energy to tap into.

Well i will keep everybody posted tonight and also post my findings. So Stay tuned!


  • At 1:23 AM, February 03, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i am a decendant of the drury's that own drury cemetary. just thought i'd let you know that actually during the day the cemetary is very comforting and peaceful

    sharon durst

  • At 2:51 PM, October 30, 2009, Blogger Jenn said…

    I am also a decendant of the family and the cemetary is absolutely beautiful

  • At 1:35 PM, December 06, 2009, Anonymous Shellyrae37 said…

    I too am a descendant of the Drurys, My Mom was Iva V. Drury.. The cemetary is very serene in the day time, and I like to just go visit all the graves, and have good memories about many from my life time, than set on the bench, and spend some time with all of them.
    Rochelle Lutz


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