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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Post Investigation- Girard Cemetaries

I must say, we all had a blast. It was a good night. I finally figured out how to upload the audio recordings from my DVR to my pc. but now the challenge is cleaning it up. Im trying audacity now (been playing with it for a few days) i still can't figure the damn thing out. Im downloading adobe audition as we speak so i can give that a try. Any audio junkies out there? Leave a comment if there is. I suck at audio.
The night was perfect weather. It wasn't hot or cold, it was perfect. The first stop was the old alms cemetary on blair road. We met there about 9:30. Looked at the history and took some pictures. Apparently theres nobody buried there. Just everybodys ashes scattered everywhere. Lots of unknown plaques on the walls, which was really sad. We stayed there for about an hour and then headed off to the Drury Cemetary on Drury Rd. Hard to find in the dark since ive only been there once. This place was really really really creepy. Its a very small old cemetary. I walked around for a bit and took some pictures and then stood next to the exit (which was by my Seeing as i didn't have a flash light. Theres alot of history there as well. A couple of the headstones were so weathered you couldn't even read them. I read some of them and they dated back in the early 1800s. Pretty neat. Took more pictures there and also got about 10 minutes of audio. I placed my DVR on the largest stones there and left it while we walked around and took pictures. After this post, i will post pictures of our findings and then after i figure out some of these audio programs, or if somebodys willing to help me, i will post any EVPs we come across, if any.


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