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Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Investigations

Its been a few days since our last investigations, So i figured id update them now.

Girard Cemetary
We didn't spend too much time here. Wanted to take a quick walk around. Nothing out of the ordinary came up in pictures and im still trying to analyze the recordings. Still working my way around Adobe audition. Any EVP analyzing tips? Please email me as im not the recording analyzer. We need to go back and spend more time here.

Undisclosed Residence
We decided to take up this investigation after visiting the cemetary. This house is a flat which one person is living in the upper level. He had access to the attic. Which was nailed shut before he moved in. He figured, hey since im paying to live here, i might as well check out the attic and see if i could use it for storage, so he took the nails of the door. The attic is huge! He stored some of his stuff up there. He has told us stories of how boxes have been moved and noises were being heard. We couldn't rule out anything. There could have been squirrels or any kind of animal up there it was so large. We took alot of pictures and took some evp recordings. We are still analyzing those, So stay tuned as we post our findings.
update- Apparently he decided to do a little test on his own. He put one smaller box inside another bigger box and made sure they were taped together. The next day he went back up there and the smaller box was on the other side of the attic.
We will post our findings shortly.


  • At 1:28 PM, April 20, 2010, Blogger SF said…

    Out of curiosity, was the undisclosed residence on Peach Street in Erie, PA? My family lived in a place on Peach Street that -- according to what my parents told me, I was just a baby at the time -- had similar things gonig on in the attic. Apparently, my older brother (who was a toddler then) talked about frequently seeing a ghost he called "Ralph." Ralph used to move things around our apartment, and could be heard moving around in the attic.


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