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Thursday, June 29, 2006

2nd Trip- Chestnut Grove Cemetary, Ashtabula OH

And here we are, this will be the 2nd trip that we take to the chestnut grove cemetary. The first trip we took was last weekend. We ended up getting there at dusk. ALL the pictures i took, came out black. I had the flash on and it was working fine. But the pictures didn't come out. It was a disappointment. It was really creepy up there. We found Collins mausoleum. I took some great shots but like i said, none of them came out and i didn't feel like turning the brightness up on all of them. The bugs were out in full force. This was a huge cemetary. In case your not familiar with the Train Disaster that happened here, you can read about it here Its pretty amazing.

We are heading back out there today. I want to go in daytime so we can get better shots. Also when i was taking the pictures, my batteries fell out of my camera twice for an unknown reason. I have seen pictures from others about a tombstone that appeared in there pictures but not in the cemetary (a phantom tombstone) I will post our findings when we return.


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