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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pictures and More Info-Gudgeonville Bridge

Okay, i was regoing through all my pictures and the pictures gathered from the rest of the team. I must not have looked closely at my pictures however. I was reading up on Gudgeonville Bridge on the internet and found that people have seen "red eyes". Supposedly they are of the mule "Gudgeon". Well low and behold, i noticed some red dots in some of my pictures. I don't know what they are however, I still have to analyze them. But the other pictures inside the bridge are black. We got a great picture of an orb. I zoomed in and it looked like a perfect circle. Kind of hard to explain, but you will see for yourself. What do you think? and what are your impressions? Reactions? Id still love to plan another investigation to the site, so if your interested, drop me a comment.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Investigation- Gudgeonville Bridge-Girard, Pa

Well here was our 1st investigation, we decided to travel to Girard, Pa. Gudgeonville Bridge. It was Friday night August 19th. Great night, it was a full moon, the solar rays were Normal, but the geomagnetic field was a little unsettled. We were there for a few hours. It was a really good time. Lots of pictures were takin, however, even tho i put in fully charged batteries into my digital camera, They still drained after about 20 pictures. Call it odd. Nothing came up on my pictures, however Nates digital camera lasted a little bit longer than mine, then his were completely drained as well. He did get a few orb pictures, Those will be posted as soon as he emails them to me.
Nothing was seen with the naked eye, altho sounds were definately heard. The air got chilly in some spots, ima retard and forgot my thermometer. We will definately have to go back there another night to conduct another investigation. There definately has to be something there.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Added Group

Well Hello there, Id like to introduce myself. My names Meredith and i started the Erie County Ghost Hunters Society. Why? people might ask. Well for starters, ive been interested in the paranormal at a very young age. And even now, im both a skeptic and a believer. Back in the day, me and a few friends from work used to go on investigations around the erie area. It was really awesome. We didn't see anything with the naked eye. But after we were finished and we were reviewing our findings, you would be amazed at what we have seen. The group split up and we haven't talked to one another since.
This was 3 years ago, and now this has led me to begin this group. I would like to make this group large. With many active members. People will be able to call us for investigations as well as us going on investigations of suppossed "haunted places". Anybody can be a member. You don't have to be in the Erie area. Once we get calls of people needing places investigated and your in that area, you will be contacted to go out for an investigation. And then report your findings. We are only interested in members that are completely interested in the paranormal and beyond. You don't have to be a believer, nor do you need any experience, both of those will come after you have been on investigations. If you are out of the area and would be interested in going on investigations, you will first have to be certified. This is completely free and you can do this at home. Resources will be given to you so that you are prepared for the certification. Dont be scared away. If you are really interested, you will know the answers.
I guess that will be all for now. Join the group for more information :)