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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Battles Museum- Girard Pa

They had a festival in downtown Girard today where we got to tour both the yellow and the white house. The yellow house is the Battles Museum. If you do a search for that you will find the history behind it. Here are the links to the actual photos of both places. These places were supposedly haunted. We actually spoke to the volunteers from the museums who are afraid to be there at night. There are 2 pictures i need you guys to tell me what you think. These i will post here.

The 1st picture zoom in on the mirror sitting behind me was the bookcase which you will be able to see. The green, i was thinking could be the grass thats next to the window where the mirror is reflecting off the glass of the book case. But what do you see beyond that?

Also this was upstairs in a bedroom. The light was from my flash, but look beyond that and zoom in. What do you see. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

We're also going on the ghost tour tonight, I hope to visit these 2 places again, but this time at night!

And here are the 2 pictures